Jon Manley MMA

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


The undisputed king of ground fighting styles, BJJ is a staple for any well rounded martial artist.  Known as the "gentle art", jiu-jitsu is unique among fighting systems because it's relatively gentle to train but also devastatingly effecting in both the octagon and in self defense scenarios.  Both gi and no-gi styles taught.


martial arts & personal fitness training

Come train in a relaxed, friendly environment that's open to everyone!  Whether you are interested in the sport of MMA, the game of Jiu Jitsu, or are just searching for the workout of lifetime, look no further than Jon Manley MMA in the heart of Easthampton.  Join our ragtag group of hippie misfits and head coach Jon Manley will personally work with you to develop a training style that suits your own goals, or just have fun and get a great workout a few days a week.  Check our schedule and come visit us anytime.  

For the MMA practitioner, wrestling bridges the gap between stand-up and ground fighting styles.  Learn how to shoot in and take down your opponent, and learn how to defend his or her takedown attempts.



Mixed martial arts (MMA) incorporates elements of many, many effective fighting systems. Learn elements of western boxing, karate, kung fu, jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, and others.  Here you'll find everything you need to find your range, learn your timing, and throw like a pro.

"Peace, love, and martial arts."